Hands on with ACI: Deploying, Managing and Monitoring a next generation datacenter
ACI has become the primary platform of choice for customers when building their next SDN Data Center. In this lab you will learn how to build ACI from the ground up and be able to understand why ACI has become the dominant platform in this market. During this lab, you will be performing the following tasks: Setup of Fabric Policies Deployment of Tenants,Integration with VMWare & Micro-Segmentation use cases,Multi Data Center networks with Multi-Site.The lab will finish by showcasing the ACI App Center where you will discover some of the apps that have been developed in order to bring more value to ACI. If you are interested in learning more about ACI and how it can benefit your company, this is the session you need to sign up for!

To participate in the lab remotely at a Cisco Live event, click the Remote Login button below. To just browse the lab manual without connecting to the lab, select the Pod number below.